Running an eCommerce Business? Here is What You Need to Know About Your Bank Account Solution

Monneo Digital Banking
Monneo Digital Banking

A bank account for eCommerce business shouldn’t be the same as a traditional bank account. Why? For one, there are more advantages for eCommerce businesses with digital banking solutions and virtual IBANs.

But many eCommerce companies don’t consider these when looking for a banking solution. We’ll give you the lowdown on what you need to know about digital banking and why it is perfect as your company’s bank account solution:

Low Fee Accounts

For cash-strapped businesses just starting out, account fees can eat into margins like nothing else. Digital banking solutions offer low-fee accounts that let eCommerce businesses keep more of their hard-earned money.

Multiple User Access

When multiple users need access to a company’s banking system, then you can’t rely upon the traditional system that privileges access. Digital banking allows for multiple users while also keeping security and data protection at the forefront of activity.

Fast and Reliable Transfers

Digital banking offers fast and reliable transfers when compared to the often expensive fees charged by traditional institutions.

Integration with Apple and Google Pay

Digital banking solutions for a bank account for eCommerce business also offer the advantage of being fully integrated with both Google and Apple’s payment systems.

Business and Employee Expenses Management

Digital banking offers a wealth of tools for monitoring and controlling both company-wide expenses as well as individual employee expenses.

Accounting Software Integration

Because of their digital nature, digital banking platforms integrate naturally with most major accounting software productivity suites.

Actionable Data

Digital banking provides users with a wealth of information at the click of a mouse button. This information can be used to plot future strategies as well as give management some reference as to the current state of the business.

Simple Deposits

Often online or through an app, digital banking offers a simple deposit solution that makes these fast and efficient.


If your business needs a billing function, digital banking solutions integrate with most invoicing tools to provide your eCommerce business with an all-in-one solution.

Digital Banking Solutions

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