Internationally, same day.

International payouts executed locally.

Local payouts with Monneo

International transfers turned into local transfers: eCommerce merchants, B2B and B2C businesses are now able to connect to Monneo’s international banking network enabling them to send local bank transfers in local currency in over 60 countries.

Simultaneously, Monneo offers a wide range of popular (local) alternative payout methods in underbanked countries. By leveraging Monneo’s local payment network eCommerce merchants, B2B and B2C businesses avoid international transfers which can take up to several days to arrive.

  • Large local banking network
  • Wide range of alternative payout methods
  • Payout in local currency
  • Same day credit
  • Avoid international transfers

Monneo’s local banking network

American Samoa (USD)
Australia (AUD)
Bulgaria (BGN)
Brazil (BRL)
Canada (CAD)
Chile (CLP)
China (CNH – Hong Kong)
Colombia (COP)
Czech Republic (CZK)
Denmark (DKK)
European Union (EUR)
Fiji (FJD)
French Polynesia (XPF)
Hong Kong (HKD)
Hungary (HUF)
India (INR)
Jamaica (JMD)
Japan (JPY)
Jordan (JOD)
Kenya (KES)
Malaysia (MYR)
Mexico (MXN)
Namibia (NAD)
New Zealand (NZD)
Nigeria (NGN)
Norway (NOK)
Papua New Guinea (PGK)
Philippines (PHP)
Poland (PLN)
Romania (RON)
Singapore (SGD)
Sweden (SEK)
Switzerland (CHF)
Thailand (THB)
Tonga (TOP)
Turkey (TRY)
United Kingdom (GBP)
United States (USD)
Vanuatu (VUV)
Global through SWIFT (134 currencies)

Alternative local payout methods

Monneo offers a wide range of alternative payout methods enabling eCommerce merchants, B2B and B2C businesses to pay locally in the locally preferred payment method or cryptocurrency.

In many regions of the world, alternative payment methods are a better alternative to the traditional banking system. Both national banks and fintechs have been creating alternative methods and in many countries they are more popular than bank accounts.

Mass payouts, API or batch.

With Monneo, eCommerce merchants, B2B and B2C businesses are able to submit mass payouts in fiat or cryptocurrency via API or batch, removing the hassle of making multiple, single payouts.

Monneo’s automated validation tools will confirm the data submitted is in the correct format or requires manual review avoiding sending payments incorrectly.

izzio, Monneo’s mobile app.

Affiliates, Freelances, Content-creators, can download the izzio mobile app and receive payments instantly from Monneo’s clients in multi-currency or cryptocurrency. From the izzio app, users can send funds to their own bank account anywhere in the world. (with exclusion of sanctioned countries)

Leverage Monneo’s local banking network consisting of 60 local banks in 60 countries (over 130 currencies). Purchase cryptocurrency, request a debit card which can be linked to both the fiat balance or cryptocurrency balance.

To learn more about izzio mobile app, visit

With the izzio app, users can:

  • Receive funds in multi-currency
  • Send funds locally in local currency
  • Receive, convert and send cryptocurrency
  • Link a debit card