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08 Jun 2020

How Digital Banking Solutions Help Businesses in Turbulent Times: Trends for 2020

Every year in business comes with its own set of unique challenges, but none more so than 2020. While many analysts could never have anticipated the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on the world economy, there is a general consensus about what firms can do now and moving forward…

Brexit 2020 - Digital Payment Solutions - Monneo
27 May 2020

Brexit 2020: What Is the Global Business Response?

In light of recent developments, we now have more questions than ever about the impact Brexit will have on businesses in terms of future development, certainty and stability. It may become harder to do business with long-standing partners, both for UK and EU businesses, with new barriers to trade and finance looking set to come…

Monneo Digital Payment Solutions
27 May 2020

How Online Merchants Can Prosper in 2020?

The new Dos and Don’ts for any business looking to attract and keep new international customers Standing still is going backwards. That’s true for every business at all times, but especially in the harsh economic realities of 2020. A long-predicted downturn hit, ignited by the coronavirus pandemic, and no sector…

Monneo Digital Banking
11 Mar 2020

UK fintechs eye new opportunity post-Brexit

The UK government has now set out its desired approach to its future trade deal with the EU post-Brexit. The recent attitude of senior UK government figures suggests that divergence from European regulations is its preferred direction. This could be just a bargaining position, but it continues to be a…

Virtual IBAN
06 Feb 2020

Virtual IBAN – what is it and how can it help my eCommerce business?

Banking services have changed a great deal over recent years. Technology has given companies more choice than ever before, enabling businesses to access banking service more easily and flex them to better suit their business needs. Online merchants operating an online merchant account need to receive money from acquirers and…

03 Feb 2020

London to see influx of EU payments companies post-Brexit

London is likely to see an influx of EU fintechs that are keen to retain access to the huge UK market post-Brexit, according to new research. Data published following a Freedom of Information request by regulatory consultant Bovill, shows that more than a thousand payment companies, insurers, banks and asset…

Frankenstein fraud should shock cybersecurity providers into action
27 Jan 2020

Frankenstein fraud should shock cybersecurity providers into action

Fraud has moved past the concept of identity theft. As Notre Dame Federal Credit Union recently found out, financial institutions are not just fighting crime based on stolen identities. Fraud is being committed in the name of people who never existed in the first place. It’s called synthetic identity fraud…

Monneo expands multi-currency capability
20 Jan 2020

Monneo expands multi-currency capability

Merchants now have the ability to pay in 134 currencies from their Monneo virtual IBAN accounts. Research suggests that merchant demand for cross-border payments will increase 7% from 13.5 billion in 2019 to 14 billion by 2023. ‘We are pleased to be extending our international payments capabilities for merchants beyond…

06 Jan 2020

New Anti-Money Laundering rules (5AMLD) lead regulatory changes in 2020

New regulations have driven pivotal change and created opportunity in the payments and banking sector. As the market has developed, regulated financial institutions have been required to comply with additional rules to satisfy the need for security and protection of consumers, business and the industry. While many regulated players such…