One of the great innovations of the modern age is the ability of eCommerce to connect businesses, merchants, and consumers all across the world. Not only has this opened up new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike, but also it has expanded the realm of what is possible for small and medium enterprises on the global stage. And here we start with the interesting part of the current topic.

A major development over the course of 2020 that might have gotten lost in the shuffle of the pandemic is the emergence of a global transactional ecosystem to govern digital payments and transactions moving forward. While this has long been in the making, 2020 gave special impetus to get this process completed and for more than a few reasons.

There’s little doubt that digital banking solutions and virtual IBANs truly came into their own in 2020. | Monneo Digital Banking Solutions

Disruption is a buzzword that is often bandied about in the media for one reason or another but rarely do we take time to consider what it actually means in the marketplace.


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