With more and more customers shifting to online services the need for robust and scalable fraud prevention is in need now more than ever before. Payments fraud are not only the bane of every online retailer’s existence but also they are fraught with other dangers for consumers as well.

The future of the FinTech industry might have more to do with a person’s individual biology than numbers and chips in the future, multiple reports indicate. Known as biometric technologies, this group of payments innovations remove the old pin systems and chips of old and replace them or augment them with fingerprint scanners and other biometric methods.

A PYMNTS.com interview: As eCommerce and B2B payments expand across borders, time zones and currencies, virtual international bank account numbers (IBANS) can pave the way…

One of the fastest-growing segments of the financial services industry is the movement of retail banking customers from traditional banking solutions to new digital banking service providers. To be fair, some of these “new” digital banks are actually just the traditional banks with a new shape and format, and sometimes even a different name.


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