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Lili Metodieva - Managing director in Monneo
20 Aug 2021

How fintech Monneo built a new brand by finding its “DNA”

Interview with Lili Metodieva, by The Financial Services Forum – Alex Sword MonneoFounded: 2018Headquartered: LondonCustomers (not disclosed): Up 80% in 2020/2021 Background: Monneo is a UK-based payment provider which connects online merchants to a network of EU and international banks to provide virtual bank account numbers and banking services. The…

22 Jul 2021

Monneo Launches First Multi-Currency Merchant Settlement Solution for Acquirers to Streamline International Payments

Originally posted; The Paypers, 21.07.2021Monneo, virtual IBAN and eCommerce bank account provider, today announces the launch of its merchant settlement distribution service to enable acquirers to receive and distribute settlements to their merchants through the Monneo platform. The new service will help make transacting across currencies and borders easier and…

10 Jul 2021

How Events Are Helping Shape the Fintech Industry Back to Normal Again

10 July, by Lili Metodieva, A week on from TES Affiliate and I have had time to reflect on the long-awaited weekend. Last weekend the team at Monneo and I travelled to Marbella for the event. Having spent months upon months of virtual meetings, like everyone else, there’s nothing better…

Monneo Corporate Visa Debit Card
23 Jun 2021

Monneo Launches Corporate Visa Debit Card in Partnership with Railsbank

The new card uniquely enables eCommerce merchants to consolidate funds from multipleIBANS at numerous banks across Europe Virtual IBAN and eCommerce bank account provider, Monneo announces the launch of its Monneo Corporate Visa debit card, in partnership with Railsbank, the leading global Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform. More than just a typical…

Lili Metodieva Monneo
24 May 2021

A secret tug of war taking place across the European fintech landscape.

EUROPEAN FINTECHS NEED CLARITY ON REGULATION Originally posted on Fintech IT, 24.05.2021 Fintech is driving transformation at such a rapid pace that regulators are struggling to keep up. As imaginative start-ups simplify and streamline financial services, increased competition is leading the “old guard” of industry incumbents to tighten their defences….

Monneo Digital Banking
19 May 2021


Interview with Lili Metodieva, by Startups Magazine – Lanna Deamer Startups Magazine speaks to Lilia Metodieva, Managing Director of Monneo, European fintech startup.  TELL ME ABOUT YOUR STARTUP AND WHAT YOU DO? Monneo is incorporated in the UK and is an authorised payment institution licensed by the FCA. We have headquarters…

Monneo Digital Banking
19 May 2021

Running an eCommerce Business? Here is What You Need to Know About Your Bank Account Solution

A bank account for eCommerce business shouldn’t be the same as a traditional bank account. Why? For one, there are more advantages for eCommerce businesses with digital banking solutions and virtual IBANs.

Monneo Digital Banking
19 May 2021

Considering a European IBAN Account for Your Business? Here’s How to Obtain One

You may have heard about what a European IBAN account can do for your business. From cost-effective benefits to simplified transaction streams, these accounts not only make doing business internationally possible but also make it fast, secure, and efficient.

A Merchant’s Guide to Crypto Payment Gateways
10 May 2021

A Merchant’s Guide to Crypto Payment Gateways

What is a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway? There is no denying that digital currencies are dominating the Internet since the beginning of the new decade. So much so that the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was valued at a staggering $65,000 in 2021. What’s more, this upwards trend in cryptocurrencies’ popularity is…

Monneo Digital Banking
16 Apr 2021

Cross Border Payments: An Essential Guide

Cross Border Payments are at the heart of international trade and economic activity. The rise of globalisation and e-commerce, both B2B and P2B cross border retail money transfers, has created a greater need for funds transactions methods that are effective and efficient. Merchants need to be able to accept payments…

Monneo Digital Banking
12 Apr 2021

KYC Done Right Means Competitiveness and Business Growth

When it comes to digital banking and compliance, robust KYC practices not only prevent fraud and financial losses but also strengthen a firm’s ability to conduct business with confidence. This is typically because of the four key elements of strong KYC practices that make sure firms know who they’re doing business with and what to expect from that relationship.

Monneo Digital Banking
11 Mar 2021

How to Secure Your E-commerce Business Against Cybercrime and Cyber Threats?

Now, in 2021, and with the Brexit negotiations in their rearview mirror, the EU market is looking to digital banking solutions to help address problems of inequality, sustainability, and supporting a circular economy.