A PYMNTS.com interview: As eCommerce and B2B payments expand across borders, time zones and currencies, virtual international bank account numbers (IBANS) can pave the way…

As multiple aspects of daily life migrate towards the virtual space, traditionalists still try to cling to the notion that love can be found by happenstance meeting or while out and about in public. We in the digital banking space know the truth to be something quite different from this.

The rise of the Internet and the spread of smartphones is, together, perhaps the single most powerful force of economic change ever at any point in history.

Fraud prevention in business is often priority number one for merchants operating in the online marketplace. But fraud detection is often about more than being wary of all of those potential threats that lurk on the horizon while online. In fact, sometimes a crippling security compromise can emerge within your very team itself, whether on purpose or by accident.

Another revolution is coming for the financial sector and this one could change the way that consumers and businesses conduct themselves forever.


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