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Digital blue light, abstract pattern
Date Published: 17 Feb 2023
Last Updated: 22 Feb 2023

Immediate Cross-border Payments (IXB)

New advancements continue to emerge with the persistent strengthening of interconnectedness among global economies. However contrary to popular opinion, tokenisation and digital currencies may not be the only solution. With the support of 25 major financial institutions, EBA CLEARING, a European payment infrastructure solutions firm owned by 48 financial institutions…

Steve Wilson
Date Published: 02 Feb 2023
Last Updated: 02 Feb 2023

Monneo appoints new head of compliance

In a move that reaffirms the company’s continued commitment to keeping up with the ever-evolving regulations and requirements of the fintech sector, end-to-end payments solution provider, Monneo has announced the hire of Steve Wilson as its new Head of Compliance. With many industry commentators predicting that 2023 will be a…

Date Published: 16 Nov 2022
Last Updated: 16 Nov 2022

Monneo Continues Global Expansion with New London Office

Monneo, a complete end-to-end payment ecosystem provider, has announced the launch of its new central London office. In opening the office, the company has taken an important next step in its overarching global expansion plan. Fresh on the heels of its victory in the ‘Best Cross-Border Payments Service’ category at…

BaaS Banking as a Service by Monneo
Date Published: 21 Jul 2022
Last Updated: 14 Sep 2022

The Rise of Banking as a Service Explained

There’s no doubt that the Internet has completely revolutionised many once traditional industries. With many products and services now digitalised, it’s safe to assume that the future of many of them will exist primarily online. One such industry that has seen rapid growth in the past decade is financial technology…

BaaS Banking as a Service by Monneo
Date Published: 14 Jul 2022
Last Updated: 12 Sep 2022

Monneo launches Banking as a Service (BaaS) API

Originally posted on Finextra, 13.07.22;

Monneo, the complete end to end payment ecosystem provider, is leading the way for Banking as a Service (BaaS) as it launches a new application programming interface (API).

Date Published: 17 Mar 2022
Last Updated: 12 Sep 2022

Monneo Takes Gold at FSTech Awards

Complete end-to-end payment ecosystem provider, Monneo, has won the ‘Best Use of IT in Commercial Banking’ at the FSTech Awards 2022. The award, which recognises the most effective use of IT in improving business processes within business-to-business, is acknowledgment of Monneo’s continued innovation and productivity in providing a leading service…

Pix Payments Brazil: Monneo Digital Banking
Date Published: 23 Feb 2022
Last Updated: 14 Sep 2022

Accept online Pix Payments: A guide for online merchants selling in Brazil

In 2020, the Central Bank of Brazil (known as the Banco Central do Brasil, or “BCB”) and the Brazilian government introduced a new electronic payment system designed to improve transactions and transfers across the country. 

Date Published: 22 Feb 2022
Last Updated: 22 Feb 2022

Monneo Tops the Bill at TES Affiliate Conference

End-to-end payment ecosystem provider, Monneo, will be the main sponsor at TES Affiliate Conferences’ upcoming event in Sitges, Barcelona, which runs between the 23-26 February at the Hotel Calipolis. By bringing together a wide range of affiliate, media, buying and advertising professionals, TES Affiliate Conference delivers events, which greatly benefit…

Monneo Pix Brasil
Date Published: 26 Jan 2022
Last Updated: 26 Jan 2022

Monneo Begins LatAm Expansion with support of Pix in Brazil

Originally posted on Finextra, 26.01.22;

In a move that reaffirms the company’s global reach, virtual IBAN and corporate account provider, Monneo, is delighted to announce the launch of its service in Brazil
as part of its plans to serve customers who require payment solutions in Latin America.

Date Published: 14 Jan 2022
Last Updated: 15 Sep 2022

Monneo launches multicurrency IBAN accounts

Originally posted on The Paypers, 13.01.22;

Monneo has added a new European bank partner to its banking network, meaning it can now offer multi currency IBAN accounts to customers. The updated service allows merchants to receive international payments in more currencies, whilst still retaining the ability to securely store all funds in one centralized account.

Merchant Account
Date Published: 09 Dec 2021
Last Updated: 09 Sep 2022

Monneo Launches Merchant Account/ Card Acquiring Service

Originally posted on Finextra, 08.12.21;
Monneo is excited to announce the launch of its new merchant account/ card acquiring service.

The development allows the company to offer a full payment ecosystem to its customers and represents a true end-to-end solution.

Coinbase Monneo
Date Published: 21 Sep 2021
Last Updated: 14 Jan 2022

Monneo enlists Coinbase to allow invoices to be paid in cryptocurrency

Originally posted on Finextra, 21.09.21;

Monneo, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a virtual IBAN and corporate account provider, has enlisted cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, in a move that will enable payment of invoices in a range of cryptocurrencies. The new service will be available for B2B invoice settlement and is supported by two of Monneo’s partner banks.