How Events Are Helping Shape the Fintech Industry Back to Normal Again

10 July, by Lili Metodieva,

Lili Metodieva
Lili Metodieva,
Managing Director At Monneo

A week on from TES Affiliate and I have had time to reflect on the long-awaited weekend. Last weekend the team at Monneo and I travelled to Marbella for the event. Having spent months upon months of virtual meetings, like everyone else, there’s nothing better than experiencing face to face discussion once again. I was full of excitement ahead of my trip and it definitely did not disappoint.  

TES Affiliate is always an event I look forward to with its relaxed approach to business networking, taking place outside under the sun in the gardens of the resort, surrounded by Monneo branding. After the extensive rebrand, we went through recently, it was fantastic to witness our hard work finally being visualised in person.

It was an exhilarating weekend filled with amazingly orchestrated speakers discussing intriguing industry knowledge ranging from AI, virtual reality, start-up to scale up transitioning and social and branding marketing. Even though we had time to enjoy the sun, our main focus was always to focus on the importance of listening and learning. Being in the privileged situation to speak to other experts in the field, we learnt incredible amounts of details from specialists in banking, payments and merchants that rely on the fintech industry.

Many attendees had met at previous events, or knew each other from meeting or working together before, and they range from online merchants, affiliate networks and advertisers and everyone was extremely happy to be able to meet up, following the turbulent time we’ve all had with Covid over the past 18 months or so. 

Hot topics discussed throughout the event included the situation of fintech post-Brexit and post-Covid and the new opportunities these challenges have brought to us. The topics discussed from the experts at the event really brought to light the important issues and opportunities that merchants face in the new climate we exist in. 

Another lesson that we learnt from this was the importance of being back together again and how in person meet ups have such an influential impact on individuals and businesses combined. Overall, the focus on what the future will bring as opportunities after the pandemic, it was down to business, yet was presented in a relaxed and entertaining vibe.  

Overall, it was a very successful event showcasing the fantastic talent available in the industry and we are looking forward to bringing Monneo to the next TES Affiliate event in Prague in September.

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