One platform.
Multiple banks.

Providing virtual IBANs and facilitating digital payments.

How does Monneo work?

We are a virtual IBAN provider, committed to working in partnership with EU and International banks to break down legacy barriers and connect eCommerce merchants with global, digital payment services.

How does Monneo work? Client monneo Banking network one or multiple companies single platform multiple banks, multiple virtual IBANs

Why is monneo for me?

eCommerce Merchants

monneo offers the power of choice and access

Our single platform interface consolidates the management of all your accounts and provides access to a trusted network of leading European banks.

  • One interface. Multiple IBANS.
  • Multi-currency payments. 134 currencies.
  • One card. Many accounts.

monneo delivers compliance and trust

Our years of experience and vast industry knowledge means we’re able to support our partners and free them from the constraints of offering digital banking services to eCommerce merchants.


What is a Virtual IBAN?

A Virtual IBAN is a regular bank account operationally. The Virtual IBAN’s provided by Monneo are connected to safeguarded bank accounts held at well established, European and International banking institutions.

Who can apply for a virtual IBAN?

Monneo provides services to B2B clients (business to business). Monneo does not provide services to B2C (business to customer), C2B (customer to business) or other financial institutions.

Can I obtain a virtual IBAN from multiple banks?

Yes, based on your business model we would offer you the matching supporting banks, you can then choose with which bank(s) you wish to work with.

Who provides the virtual IBAN's?

Monneo works with a network of well established European and International banks that issue the Virtual IBAN’s.

What is a safeguarding bank account?

A safeguarding bank account is an account designed to operate client funds only. Client funds cannot be accessed by any third party and are disconnected from Monneo's companies funds. In the unlikely case of any financial defaults by Monneo, the client funds held in the safeguarding bank account are at all times secured.

Is Monneo financially regulated?

Yes, Monneo is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom as an Authorised Payment Institution. Our reference number is: 802210.

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